BNSF GP30 #2460, using a P2K Phase II GP30.
The starting issues, I needed a nose headlight, a majority of BNSF units have their headlights in the nose now, instead of cab mounted, so off to Reed's I went, in search of a headlight.
After finding the headlight, and buying two, I also grabbed an antenna mount for the SD40-2's, and some plastic rods for a later project. Twenty minutes of careful cutting, and some gluing, I now have a nose headlight.
If you look closely you'll see that the top of the nose needed more work, since then its been painted orange, then had the green added. In the last photo, you'll see two small white squares, those are the cab air vents. I also chopped the stock MU hose connection, and will be adding smaller Details West MU hoses, and recepticals. I have the ditchlights, which on this unit will be hopefully be able to light up. Details, details, details...

The first 4 pics show #2460 decaled and ready to run, there's minor details still missing, and weathing to be applied, but that comes later, its on to another project unit for now.
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