Well, I've fallen upon another project unit, SD40-2 #7890, ex-LPG, with an SD45 style radiator section, one of two SD45 carbody/radiator SD40-2's and the only ex-LPG service one on BNSF's roster. I've 'fallen' on this project, when I happened upon the two shells in Reeds Hobby Shop, here in San Diego, they just jumped at me, and spawned me to wanna build #7890.
The biggest difference between the 2 SD40-2's on BNSF's roster is the radiator section. #7890 has SD40-2 radiator grills installed on an angle like an SD45, while the other unit, #7023 is basicaly a SD45 carbody on an SD40-2, SD45 style radiator grills.
#7890 is painted in H1, while #7023 still retains its BN paint. The best picture I've found online, Click Here.

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