CN #5414 is an SD50F that started with a resin cast shell from Kaslo Shops. This Kaslo shell is amazing, the level of detail, and the perfection in the casting of the resin.
The shell requires an SD60/SD60M chassis, its suggested to use a Rail Power/Proto Power West chassis, I'm still looking for one thats cheep enough! The black is Testors spray flat black, the orange being hand brushed on Floquil CN Orange. The Floquil paint is flat, and very thin, it took me 5 coats and it could have used another, but I figure the weathering will dispurse that.
The decals are two Microscale decal kits put togeather, the large stripes on the side are only available separately. By far, the funest part about doing this kit, was the numbers on the rear of the hood, there's a old number thats weather beaten, with the new number at the very top. I just decaled the unit, dullcoated, then dry brushed the CN orange over it carefully to get the effect.

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