Copper Range DS-4-4-1000 #101, using a Stewart model.

Distingushing features in pictures:

  • Four Stacks
  • No plow early on, plow added along with a metal plate attacked to the handrails, looks like plow might be temporaly mounted for the winter only
  • Black cab sunshades added in later years
  • MU added in '64, after that both #100 & #101 were usually seen togeather
  • Yellow stripes on front stop for radiator
  • Yellow side handrails
  • Also had lengthwise grab on hood
  • Black front & rear square cornered railing
  • Yellow Frame rail
  • #101 had the framerail "patched" at sometime, from the cab forward, resulting in even more yellow on the frame
  • Nathan M3 (3 Chime) horn? mounted cab roof front (hood) side
  • Silver trucks, although some shots they appear to be dark, most likely just really dirty
  • Class lights? Marker lamps? similar to those on a caboose mounted on front hood corners
  • Large steam style bell moved a few times, for a while was mounted with a plate under it, sticking over the edge, later centered
  • Radiator covers seem to be seasonal, the continuting stipe one looks like it was made for the S12 although they switched
  • Two had three openings, and one with two openings, one of the three opening covers had continuing stripes (picture warning)
  • Hood side numberboards have unit number.
  • Rotary becon mounted directly to the light box on hood front.

Extra info:
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