Three years in the making, finnaly C.R. S12 #200 is under way! I bought this Stewart S12 around 3-4 years ago on eBay with the intentions to make #200. I wanted to model Houghton MI, either 1960-70's or "now" imaging that the area grew and C.R. still existed working side by side with BNSF & WCL.
   That idea has since been scrapped in favor of BNSF/UP on Cajon, but I still feel some attachment to C.R. and my hometown, thus keeping this project. The red I used was Boxcar red, but its since been brought to my attention that its closer to Floquils "signal red" so I'm switching. The grey is close to Floquils Primer grey, but I used Testors spray primer, as I have a good stock of it here. The red showing will be covered with the signal red.
   I'm still waiting on decals, I keep following leads but get nothing in return. When I do, I'm ordering extra so that I can place them in my e-store. On that note, I hope to stock a few undecorated S12's and DS-4-4-1000's from Stewart, plus pre-cut 3000 series hoppers. Check there if you'd like them. If not shown, check back later, or check here, if there is a change, I'll post it here.
   The frame and decks look to be black, so I'm using Model Flex Engine Black. From most shots I see, #200 never had plows so I'll leave that off, although I think it had MU, added in 1964, I'm unsure of how they were installed so the MU items may also be left off.

Distingushing features in pictures:

  • One stack, the DS-4-4-1000's had 4
  • No plow
  • Rotating becon on a plate over the front head light
  • Yellow stripes on front look to wrap all the way around *unsure*
  • Radiator covers seem to be seasonal, the continuting stipe one looks like it was made for the S12 although they switched
  • Two had three openings, and one with two openings, one of the three opening covers had continuing stripes (picture warning)
  • Numberboard on hood side used
  • No side handrails, the DS-4-4-1000's had them, the S12 only had a lengthwise grab on the hood
  • Black end handrails, angular
  • Yellow Frame rail
  • Nathan M3 (3 Chime) horn? mounted on hood centered widthwise, about halfway between cab & exaust
  • Looks like black trucks, unsure here, #100 & #101 had silver
  • Class lights? Marker lamps? similar to those on a caboose mounted on front hood corners.
  • Also of note, most pictures make it seem as though #200 never left the Houghton yard much.

Extra info:
Baldwin, built 7/1951 website | C.R. DS-4-4-1000 #100 | C.R. DS-4-4-1000 #101