Currently to the left you will see a general list of my locomotives, sans BNSF & UP which have their own pages now. Click the road number to get images of the unit.

Keeping with my plans (below) I'll have a number of Metrolink & Amtrak units, and one or two units from railroads, as run through power. NS Units seem to be very common on the BNSF so, I'm thinking I'll need more.
My plans are to run this railroad with a motive power pool around 50 to 60 for BNSF, and 40 or so for Union Pacific, plus some run-though power. I CURRENTLY have 61, in various stages. With the above units, I'll well surpass those numbers.
As you can see there's allot of units not linked, if they're not linked, I have not yet started them. If they say coming soon, they do not yet exist in my hands, I.E. I'd like to buy them...
I'm planing all this for a fairly large double deck layout representing Cajon pass in the "allways modern" idea. Click here to see early plans on this layout. There will be lots of action, and allot to do for potential operators, including active helpers, long unit trains, varying railroad practices, Amtrak & Metrolink trains, Victorville locals, yard swtiching, and much more.